Fake Followers on Social Media Accounts, Do They Help or Hurt?

To make themselves look more important and for other various reasons, people like to get fake followers. Does this help you or hurt you? There are a number of scenarios where having some fake followers may help, others where fake followers definitely hurt, and others where they make no difference at all. Learn about them all below!

Facebook Fake Followers

dont-buy-facebook-likesShould you get fake followers on Facebook? No. Why not? Facebook has this deal where, the more followers you have, the less reach you have to each follower. Facebook then tries to monetize this, by charging you to send a post to your complete list of followers. However, if you have a smaller number of followers, your post goes to a larger percentage of the followers you have.

facebook-promote-posts-to-fansThe end result is that if you end up with 10,000 real followers, and 10,000 fake followers, you’re wasting the opportunity to have your posts appear on the real followers timelines, because a large percentage of those end up on the fake followers, where your posts aren’t going to be read. Even if you decide that you want to pay the price to have your post show to all your followers, you end up paying lots of money to promote your page to your fake followers.

The benefit of having fake followers is what? To make yourself look more important, because you have many followers. You have to decide if that is so important, you would rather that your real followers do not receive all your messages to their timeline. If that’s the case, go ahead and buy those fake followers. However, if you want to get the most promotion opportunity to your real followers as possible, then avoid fake followers like the plague.

Twitter Fake Followers

twitter fake followersThe opposite is true with Twitter. Getting fake followers really has no downside whatsoever. There are hefty benefits to having a larger base of twitter followers. The first is that you look more important, because people actually follow you, and this does result into many people feeling more comfortable following you because so many other people are, already. It is evidence that you must have some pretty good things to say!

The second reason to have fake followers on Twitter has to do with the hard cap on how many people you can follow. You want to follow as many people as possible, because when you follow someone — they notice you, and there is a chance that they will follow you back. It is possible to build followings of tens of thousands of followers using this technique. There is a catch however, you cannot follow more people than who follow you, that is — by a certain percentage.

massive-twitter followers

Twitter simply will not allow you to pass following 2000 peopleuntil you’re followed by at least 2000 people. While up through 2000, you can follow ahead — even follow 2000 people with no followers, you cannot follow more than that if you are not followed back by the same. Often, people will buy 2000 followers for this reason alone, to let them escape this hard cap. However, even after you break 2000, you’re still limited to approximately 10% more following than followers. Therefore, after you break 2000, you will be limited again at 2200 if you don’t get more than 2000. That’s a bummer! This is the second, and main reason that buying Twitter followers makes so much sense to people.

One of the main techniques in building large followings on Twitter involves a pattern of following hundreds of people, waiting for them to follow you back, and then unfollowing them around 3 days later (assuming they haven’t followed you back). That whole ordeal is extremely limited by how many people are following you. You can kick that building process into high gear by buying some Twitter fake followers and not having to worry as much about how many have followed you back.

LinkedIn Fake Followers

1000 linkedin followersAgain, its a common thing to buy followers for LinkedIn. They only show a max of 500 followers. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy more than 500. Getting a boost up to the 500 is a wise thing to do, as it gets you to the max immediately, and makes you look like you’re as active on LinkedIn as anyone else, because nobody shows more than the 500 max followers.

I think it was a wise move on LinkedIn’s part to limit how many followers they show. With a little effort, someone could easily hit their max without buying fake followers. Regardless, there is no apparent negative to buying followers on LinkedIn.

Google+ Fake Followers


One of the biggest cool things that having followers can get you with Google+ is your own custom URL. Sure, you only need 10, but if you’re just getting started with Google+, you may not know 10 people to ask to follow you. There are other reasons you may be tempted to buy Google+ followers. There are implications that more Google+ followers could mean a better author rank. Since this one is managed by Google, they have more information regarding who is following you than they have, for instance, from Facebook or Twitter. Like all the other social accounts, having more followers can make you look more interesting. There seems to be no downside. My accounts with fake Google+ followers are doing just fine.

Instagram Fake Followers

instagram fake followersThe thing to keep in mind, with Instagram, is they have a love rate, and a talk rate. Whatever you find your love and talk rate to be before buying followers, those numbers will take a nosedive after you buy followers. Obviously, fake accounts will not be loving your images or talking about them. This sort of negates any benefit you might feel you received from having a higher follower account, as there are other important stats that will be reduced as your follows increase.

Though I’m not personally into the Instagram scene as much as I’d like to be, apparently people take notice of your love rate and talk rate, and in general having a fake account on Instagram is much more observable, and is more frowned upon by regular users. It does seem to slightly increase your klout score, however, so this may make the carrot a little bigger for those who are wanting to buy followers on Instagram.

In all, there is little reason not to buy fake followers for your social accounts. The most glaring reasons to not do it comes from Facebook. You should avoid getting fake followers on Facebook. Other than that, buying followers for social accounts offers various benefits, mainly ego stroking, and ease of building your account, as with Twitter.

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