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Selecting the Right Web2.0 Free Blogs

All free blogs aren’t created equal. In fact, many have been deindexed from Google, as a penalty because they’re so spammy. Others are a waste, as they just do not seem to be able to keep pages indexed in Google.There is a very simple way to tell whether Google loves a free blog platform. It all boils down to How many pages does this free blog site have indexed?

blinkwebThere are many lists of free blogs available on the internet (this page is one too!), but many are of lower quality that you won’t want to mess with. As an example, one site that used to be great is “”. Somehow, they dropped from having over 300k pages indexed in Google last year, down to 160k pages a few months ago, and yet today — they’ve got 18,400 pages indexed. There’s something wrong with the site, they fell out of Google’s favor, and as such — it makes no sense trying to post there anymore.

google-indexed-pagesMany pages indexed. That’s the ticket to finding platforms to build a free blog on. One of the problems with SEO today is keeping the pages that link to you indexed. In fact, there are many services people pay for that do nothing except continually try to get your backlinks indexed in Google. You can sidetrack that by building your links on platforms that Google loves to keep indexed. This is the biggest criteria that I look for in finding free blogs to build sites on, and you’ll notice in the list I provide below, I show how many pages Google has indexed on that platform.

There are other criteria you should consider when posting to a free blog as well. Some of these are heavily monitored and do not take kindly to us lowly internet marketers. Others let you post and leave you alone. Again, there is a simple way of checking whether a particular free blog platform will like your content. Simply go to Google and type keyword, where keyword is the subject of your blog. Google will then tell you how many pages that platform has indexed for that keyword. If you notice there are thousands of other blogs on that platform just like you want to create, then it is reasonably safe to put your own blog up without fear of it being deleted by a picky moderator.

indexed pages search results

The opposite is also true, that if you do not find many blogs listed, and the ones you do find have been deleted, then it is fair to say that platform will be a waste of time for your efforts. Another tactic for that free blog could involve creating a quality blog that isn’t particularly about the subject that gets deleted. Make it a general type of personal blog, that slips a link in here and there to the sites you want to rank. Do this properly, so your blog isn’t deleted and your money site isn’t suffering from link rot by having links you built disappear.

tumblr blog deletedFor your convenience, below I list how many pages are indexed for common marketing themes, so you can tell at a glance how SEO-friendly any particular platform is. The three I monitor are seo servicesugg boots andviagra. I selected “seo services”, because it is the ultimate way to discover whether a platform is seo-friendly. I chose “ugg boots”, because marketers of ugg boots have been extremely aggressive over the years, so if a platform would crack down on any particular term, it would be that one. Finally, I monitor “viagra”, because it is considered one of the most spammy terms, and shows how tolerant a free blog platform is for pure spam.

List of Web2.0 Free Blogs

The following list is current as of August, 2015, yet we will endeavor to maintain it so that it remains fresh. It is sorted by the volume of pages indexed. Blogs that have an asterisk (*) next to them are able to be posted to with software called FCS Networker, that I’ll explain down a little further in this web2.0 free blog guide. We currently list 72 free blogs.

PlatformPages IndexedSEO ServicesUgg BootsViagra*240000000397000374000997000*17500000013700066200437000*84100000152001910058900*72700000188045309580*485000002110811025000*220000002580574810

The three columns that show different niches that are cached in Google is very revealing about what types of content each blog allows. For instance, has a healthy amount of pages on seo services, and ugg boots indexed, but they draw the line at pure spam such as viagra. isn’t very tolerant of any of it — so if you are going to build a blog there, you would want to make certain it is high quality and doesn’t look spammy.

indexed pages websGoogle has been cracking down on spam. All of the indexed amounts listed above are current as of August, 2015. However, I have been keeping track of indexed pages on web2.0 blogs for quite some time. Six months ago, all these sites had more pages. A year ago, these blogs had a ton more pages indexed. Here’s an example: right now has 9,350,000 pages indexed. Sounds like a lot right? Six months ago, they had 15,400,000 pages indexed. Last year around this time, had 58,200,000 pages indexed. This is happening on all free blogs. Even dropped, one year ago: 797,000,000 — six months ago: 282,000,000, and now: 240,000,000. Therefore, I cannot emphasize enough that you must keep your web2.0s high quality, and follow all the procedures listed on the previous page, in order to make Google think your blogs should stay indexed over time.

If you would like my recommendation where to start on this free blog list, I would say start at the top and work down. The ones that have the most pages indexed are at the top, and the ones that have the most pages indexed will most likely index your pages just fine. If you’ve never built web2.0 blogs before, I highly recommend you get started by building them manually. Later on, once you know what you’re doing, you can work on automation.

There are a number of automation techniques that can help you post to your blogs easier. I will fully explain them further in this guide. The next page explains different linking techniques, and how to build link pyramids and other effective high-power links to your website.

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